The Holy Trinity Icon

The hospitality of Abraham

This icon is a detail of a lager icon that is called the "Hospitality of Abraham". It depicts the three angels who visited Abraham at the Oak of Mamre [Genesis 18], but is often interpreted as an icon of The Holy Trinity. In addition, it is sometimes call the icon of the Old Testament Trinity.

It was one of these three angels who informed Abraham that Sarah would have a son within a year. This icon is the traditional patronal icon for any institution that bears the name of the Most Holy Trinity.

In Abraham's day and in many middle-eastern and Mediterranean cultures today, hospitality is a deeply engrained practice. In today's Gospel, we see many examples of hospitality.

Hospitality is an important part of Christian life and Christian community. Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Holy Trinity Hospice extend the spirit of hospitality to those who need rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, long term care and palliative care, and to their family members, visitors and our volunteers.


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