Treasured Generations Annual Fund

What would happen to you or your loved one if a medical event occurred, and recuperating or being cared for at home was not possible?

Most of us believe that we will never need the services of a rehabilitation center or care in a nursing facility, yet Americans are living longer than ever, and more and more are finding themselves unexpectedly seeking post-acute care. A sudden illness or injury can happen at any age:

  • Studies have shown that everyone will experience a nursing facility in their lifetime, whether through a family member, a friend, or for themselves.
  • 1 out of 4 individuals, or 25%, will need nursing services or rehabilitative care in their lifetime following a hospitalization.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the payer for 70% of the care in skilled nursing facilities like Holy Trinity, yet the state has not improved payments to nursing facilities for many years. Since Holy Trinity must continue to provide the highest quality of care we believe every resident deserves, we need your support to offset the recurring and growing shortfall in Massachusetts Medicaid payments.

We are a tax exempt non-profit under IRS tax code 501(c)(3), which means gifts can be made tax deductible....

Please donate:

  • By mail - 300 Barber Ave., Worcester, MA 01606
  • Online with Paypal:
    • By phone: 508-852-1000 - ext. 208 - Community Relations Office
  • Through work by giving to the United Way
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