What is Treasured Generations Annual Fund

This is a very exciting time for the Eastern Orthodox Management Corp. Over the past 18 years, we have been able to expand our programs and services, enabling us to enhance the “quality of life”, by providing comfort during end-of-life care. These accomplishments are due in part to the generous support from our donors:

  • Dedication of the Virginia H. Farah Rehabilitation Center
  • Implementation of the AMDA Award-wining Resident-Centered Dining Program
  • Creation of the Medicare-Certified program Holy Trinity Hospice
  • Renovation and opening of the Ichabod Washburn Hospice Residence

Despite our accomplishments, however, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has not improved payments to nursing facilities like Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for a number of years. In order to allow us to continue to provide the highest quality of care, which we believe every resident deserves, we need to continue to raise $225,000 every year to offset the deficit created by inadequate state funding to our nursing facility. Through your charitable support, we will be able to continue to advance our mission:

“The Eastern Orthodox Management Corporation is committed
to assisting individuals to experience life fully with purpose and dignity by providing a broad range of social and health-related services in a framework of  high quality care and Christian love.”

Your gift to our Annual Fund, Treasured Generations, during 2012 will not only help us meet our goal, it will also help to enhance the “quality of life” for our residents, patients and family members, by enabling us to continue to provide the high-quality services for which we have become known. A gift at the “Angel” level of $500 or more will distinguish you as a “Leaders’ Circle” donor, as is indicated on the enclosed Annual Fund donation envelope.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you in advance for your generous support of our mission and programs.


  • $50 will cover 1day
  • $100 will cover 2 days
  • $250 will cover 5 days
  • $500 will cover 10 days
We are a tax exempt non-profit under IRS tax code 501(c)(3), which means gifts can be made tax deductible....

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